There is the old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover – however the reality is, most of us do. Let’s face it – first impressions count. 
Having Trouble with the Images to Use for Your Website? Here’s What You Should Consider... 
So, what is the best way to market and grow your business? The rather obvious and inevitable answer coming from me would be to ensure that you have a professional, well designed website. However, that aside, I have to say I have found that having breakfast once a week at Ashton Gate Stadium also seems to work rather well (please do read on if you are a Bristol Rovers fan though – it has been known to work for some of them too!). 
Although it’s been said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any general concepts about beauty. 
There’s always a lot of emphasis on website navigability, the use of the right images, and even the use of the proper colours when it comes to designing a good website. 
We are proud to announce that the new Collistear Hair and Beauty website has recently gone live. 
Caroline Collis established The Collistear Beauty in Sea Mills, Bristol 5 years ago. Last year she opened the sister salon, Collistear Hair, opposite the beauty salon.  
Fraser Langdon are a firm of domestic and commercial building contractors who are based in Portishead. When it’seeze Bristol first spoke to Fraser Landgon about their website, they already had one in place and had contracted another website design company from Portishead to replace it for them. 
Altered Images are a hairdresser and beauty salon based in the heart of Clevedon. This year the owner, Julie Matcham, decided to develop a website for the first time, in order to promote the business within Clevedon and North Somerset. 
it'seeze Websites Bristol have designed a brand new website for Precision Access Scaffolding. 
Many people find it quite easy to write about their products or services, however when it comes to writing about themselves on the “About Us” page, it just makes them feel awkward, so here are a few pointers and tips for what you can do…