Fresh content is critical for driving traffic to your website – when a site remains static, Google will see it as no longer being active, and will rank it lower in search result listings. 
If you are already aware of this, you may find that you often sit at your keyboard ready to add new content, only to discover that you have writer's block and are left wondering what on earth you should add next. 
Here, I've provided you with a helpful guide of easy ways to refresh your website content, helping you to keep your site up to date and ranking well: 
1. Write blog posts 
I've previously outlined the benefits of writing regular blog posts. Tell your clients your latest news, share industry stories, and let your customers know what you think and advise. If you write consistent, good quality blog posts, then your potential customers will keep coming back for more.  
2. Update products and services 
When your business changes what it does or what it sells – make sure your website changes too! Chances are that your company does not offer exactly the same services or products it did a few months ago, so make sure this is reflected on your website. What is your latest initiative – share it with us! When doing so, do make sure that you use relevant descriptions and images (and add alt text) to help your SEO. If you are able to add a date then this can also demonstrate that your website is current to prospective clients. 
3. Display promotional offers 
Do you regularly go back to websites that have special offers which change regularly – many of us do! Everyone loves a bargain and if you offer different discounts throughout the year, then gradually your clients will start to expect these – and start coming back to see what the latest offer is!  
4. Add videos 
Videos are a great way of getting people to interact with your website. Maybe post a video of a demonstration, a tour around your premises, or a case study - even the simplest of videos can be great at engaging website visitors. Just be aware that you should not replace your text with videos though as this will harm your SEO – include videos in addition to the text. Ever wondered what horseback combat was all about? The Centre of Horseback Combat uses video to great effect on their it'seeze website to break it down. 
5. Share reviews, testimonials, and recommendations 
Blow your own trumpet! If you get comments about what a great service or product you offer, then tell us about it on your website. It keeps your content fresh and builds your clients' faith in your brand. Make sure that you credit the testimonial with the person's name and (where relevant) company – this makes them look authentic rather than made up. 
Want to put these ideas into practice with a brand new website? Talk to us today about upgrading your web presence. 
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