One of the most effective ways of adding new, high quality content to your website is by blogging - it helps demonstrate your expertise, build your brand, and drive relevant traffic to your website. If you use any social media platforms, you can also share your blog posts, bringing even more potential customers to your website. 
Key benefits of blogging are as follows: 
Increasing traffic to your website  
Search engines love fresh, original content, so every time you add a blog you are giving yourself an extra chance to be found online.  
Giving visitors a reason to return 
New content will be something they will want to revisit in order to read, and also helps establish you as an active business with fresh ideas 
Demonstrating Expertise  
Want to prove that you are an expert in your field - do it in a blog! Demonstrate your knowledge online in order to build credibility with potential customers. Offer advice, updates on industry news and challenge misconceptions - this all helps build trust with potential clients. 
Building your brand  
Why you? what are your USPs? Educate clients about the value of your business. 
Content Marketing  
The posts you write can be shared well beyond your blog. Add them to your social media profiles in order to drive more content to your website.  
Did you know that there is a blog feature on both Max and Commerce sites? Hence it'seeze customers who have either a Max or Commerce website can add as many blog posts as they choose AT NO EXTRA COST. The blog component is easy to both set up and manage - have a look at the video we have created to show you how simple it is to create your blog posts. 
Have a Lite site and want to start blogging? You can upgrade to either a Max or Commerce site at any time by changing your monthly payment plan - this also gives you unlimited pages and lots more features.  
Contact us to find out more. 
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