If you're planning a website, did you know that there are various styles which can be a suitable option for your business? Just like different professions require different ‘outfits’, websites can benefit from different styles as well. 
Nowadays, you have a number of options in website styles, from the standard static website to responsive websites and more.  
From your home page right down to your ‘About Us' page, your website should be designed in a way that fits your business.  
For you to have a suitable website for your type of business, it pays to know your options when it comes to styles.  
Let's have a look at some popular website styles that can help you give the right impression about your business. 

 The Importance of Choosing a Good Website Style  Competition is rampant in the digital marketing world, and you can't just build a website using a generic formula and be done with it. You need to have a site which has a special appeal to your audience and adds to your visitors' positive experience.   With a good style, you can retain your visitors' attention as well as encourage them to remain for a longer time. It's all about your visitors' experience on your website – their experience should be good enough that they are encouraged to make a transaction and even return multiple times.  

Different Website Styles  


Choosing the correct font and sizing is one way to make your website stand out from the crowd. The examples below show how large, bold typography and a combination of font styles can be used effectively. 


Video is one of the most powerful tools of visual communication. As well as the SEO benefits, they can tell your clients a story about your company and your product. 

Colour gradients 

Beautiful colour gradients using two or more colours create an eye catching header for websites. Using your choice of colour, you can apply a gradient to either an image or the background for text and other content. 


In our experience of web design in Bristol, getting the right colour is often the key to the right website as the colours you use on your website will make an important statement.  
It can convey emotion and build up trust. There is a psychology behind the use of colour; red evokes passion and drive, while blue symbolises trust and calm - bold colours can bring attention to important content and more subtle hues can give a feeling of restfulness. 
Next Steps 
Having looked at various styles available to you, it might be worth looking at some additional examples. 
If you would like to find out more about our affordable web design services in Bristol then please contact us to find out more. 
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