If you're planning a website, did you know that there are various styles which can be a suitable option for your business? Just like different professions require different ‘outfits’ websites can benefit from different styles as well. 
Nowadays, you have a number of options in website styles, from the standard static website to responsive websites and more.  
From your home page right down to your ‘About us' page, your website should be designed in a way that fits your business. For you to have a suitable website for your type of business, it pays to know your options when it comes to styles.  
Let's have a look at some popular website styles which can help you give the right impression about your business. 

The Importance of Choosing a Good Website Style  Competition is rampant in the digital marketing world, and you can't just build a website using a generic formula and be done with it. You need to have a site which has a special appeal to your audience and adds to your visitors' positive experience.   With a good style, you can retain your visitors' attention as well as encourage them to remain for a longer time. It's all about your visitors' experience on your website – their experience should be good enough that they are encouraged to make a transaction and even return multiple times. 

Different Website Styles  

• The static style 
A static website is just what its name implies: it's a website designed simply to give information. It's a website which can have only one landing page or multiple pages, but it often has a fixed, set width in regard to website content and doesn't change according to different devices or web browsers. As you may already guess, this style is pretty basic, and it is often used to share information or make an announcement. 
• The responsive style 
If you want something more robust and more akin to the times, then the responsive style is for you, as confirmed by our best web designer in Bristol. It’s a dynamic style, which means that it can change or adapt according to the device or browser used by your audience, making your website content easy to view no matter the viewing method. Remember that users now make use of three gadgets or devices to access the Internet: a desktop or laptop computer, a mobile phone, and a tablet, each with different sizes and dimensions. If you want your visitors’ experience to be a better one, then a responsive website is a good choice. 
Website sub-styles 
There are also various sub-styles from which you can choose, such as font-based styles, illustrations, colours, and so on. If you want a font-based style, this means having a customised font for your business to impart an important message. By having a key font, you can grab the attention of your audience. But you can also choose a style based on illustrations and cartoons. If you want more personality for your brand, illustrations can often be a good choice. You can also base your website style on your business' or brand's colours. There is a psychology behind the use of colour; red evokes passion and drive, while blue symbolises trust and calm. In the end, the design you choose can make use of all these sub-styles so that you can have a website which truly stands out. 
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