According to an article in the Independent, the average Brit checks their phone 10,000 times a year! That’s hundreds of hours browsing social media and the internet and shopping online. You may well be reading this blog post on a mobile phone. 
Compulsive checkers look at their phones at work, on public transport, and (slightly worryingly) whilst we are crossing the road. And let’s face it – just about everybody we know in Bristol seems to have a mobile phone these days. 
As mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, we now regularly do things that we might once have needed a laptop or PC for. This includes shopping for products (we’ve done quite a bit of Christmas shopping online this month) and services (plumbing services were particularly in demand as it became colder this year). 
Hence the reason you now need to make sure your business has an online presence – your potential clients are now looking for the next service to use or product to buy whilst on the move. 

Responsive websites 

Most importantly, you also need to ensure that it is responsive. A responsive website is one website that adapts to fit onto any size screen without losing any content - making sure that a website looks great and functions perfectly on every device is really important. 
This is not only to provide a good online experience for your website users, but also to help you rank well on Google. Google introduced mobile-first indexing earlier this year - this means it will primarily use the mobile version of a website to rank pages from that site in search results. 
So, if you want your website to rank well in Google searches and to attract more visitors to your site, then having a responsive website will help you achieve this. You’ll get better rankings in search engine results, additional clicks through to your website, and increased sales as a result. 

Responsive web design in Bristol 

If you don’t yet have a responsive website with which to showcase your products and services online, then have a look at the recent web design projects we’ve created for other Bristol businesses.  
You can also get in touch with our friendly team to discuss how we can help you develop your online presence and grow your business online. 
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