Many consumers prefer to shop online at dedicated ecommerce websites, and this is no surprise considering how handy it is to go online nowadays whenever we need to purchase something. But if you have an ecommerce website or are considering having one designed, it follows that you need the right images. 
The images you use for your ecommerce website will have a tremendous impact on your success. The images will serve as your own call to action in order for customers to try out your products. 
But the case with ecommerce websites is that it’s more difficult to sell because you are basically ‘denying’ certain privileges to your customers, such as allowing them to touch and smell your products and benefit from the whole in-store experience – and this is why it’s even more crucial to present them with the right images. Here’s how you can produce and utilise better images for your e-commerce website. 

Make an investment in a tripod 

Of course, you can always have a professional photographer take images of your products, but if this is too much beyond your budget, there’s a next best thing: you can invest in your own tripod. But whilst you’re at it, you can go a step further and invest not just in any old tripod, but a flexible one. With a flexible tripod, you can take different angles of your different products and ensure that the shots are not blurry and inconsistent. Another factor which makes flexible tripods a great investment is that you can attach them to any kind of surface, whether it’s equipment or a rail, which means that you can take some great outdoor photos as well. 

Carefully consider your lighting 

The lighting you have in your e-commerce images will also significantly impact your products’ success simply because if you don’t have great lighting, you won’t have photos or images that look professional, and we think you probably don't need to be the best web designer in Bristol to agree with that! Here’s what you should know about utilising lighting: there’s natural light, and there’s artificial light. The best time to use natural light is when you want to showcase your product outdoors. Artificial light, on the other hand, can be best used to showcase products such as wallets or watches, so you can highlight all the intricate details of the products. 

Make use of the ‘sweep’ 

If you’ve never heard of the ‘sweep’ prior to this, you most certainly have seen it. The sweep is actually a popular feature on many ecommerce websites, and it’s simply a photography trick where you create a kind of ‘ramp’ for your product with the use of poster paper so your product looks like it has an unlimited white area behind it. The great aspect about the sweep is that it gives your products a background of consistency with simple white space that doesn’t have any creases or shadows. All you need to create a sweep is some poster paper which is then attached to 2 foam boards and a metal clamp or binder. Taking great images need not be difficult – if you have the right tools and know-how, your ecommerce website images can definitely lead to your ecommerce success. 

The next step for your ecommerce website... 

Now you know how to create great images for your online store, it might be time to consider upgrading your ecommerce website to a more effective and professional design. If you are looking for affordable ecommerce web design in Bristol, we can help - our Commerce package is the ideal solution for local businesses looking to sell online with ease. Contact the team at it'seeze Web Design Bristol today to find out more. 
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