There is the old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover – however the reality is, most of us do. Let’s face it – first impressions count. 
I recently exhibited at the Get Connected Exhibition in Bristol – along with all the other exhibitors I made sure I was appropriately dressed, had a stand which caught the eye and took plenty of business cards. It would have probably been infinitely more comfortable to wear a couple of layers of old jumpers and my slippers (it was snowing at the time), but when representing our business in person we all know that our ability to do our job will be assessed at least partially on how we present ourselves. 
Once we engage with others we also make sure that when we are telling them about our business that what we are telling them is relevant and current – I certainly don’t tell them about the web design services that I was offering four years ago. At the end of any conversation we also tend to pass business cards – so we can stay connected easily. 
However, there still seem to be a number of businesses who do not represent their company as well online. This is the first contact so many people have with a new company and they will judge them by their website in the absence of a person to speak to. 
Common problems include 
The website not being responsive (i.e. not viewable on mobile devices) 
Poor design 
Information being hidden in the depths of a website 
Contact details being hard to find 
Outdated information 
So, if you would not dream of representing your business like this in person, then why do so on the internet? 
It’seeze websites address all these issues, and come with an easy-to-use CMS (content management system) so you can keep your website updated, as well as ongoing support from myself. If you would like a free no obligation discussion about your website, then please do get in touch. 
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