Happy New Year from all of us at it'seeze Web Design Bristol! 
With Christmas now behind us and 2020 underway, we’ve been reflecting on both business and personal matters and thinking about New Year's resolutions. 
In the past, we’ve broken one or two of our personal New Year’s resolutions before the end of January – but isn’t that what they’re all about! 
However, none of us can really afford to break any resolutions we put in place to move our businesses forward. With so much choice and competition available to potential customers, this year it's time to focus on standing out in a crowded marketplace. 
Your potential clients may be out there now making their buying decisions, and where do most of them start their research? On the Internet, that’s where! 
So your website is likely to be your most powerful tool when communicating with new customers - it’s your shop window, and first impressions count. Hence you really need to make sure that your website is doing your business justice. 
Think about it. Does your website: 
Reflect you company brand? 
Accurately represent the quality of your services and products? 
Allow visitors to view it easily on a mobile device (i.e. is it responsive)? 
Have up-to-date information on it? 
Let’s face it, you might have far superior products or services to your competitors, but if your website is poorly presented then visitors will go elsewhere and end up buying from your competitors. 
So with the advent of 2020, maybe it’s time to think about how you are appealing to your potential customers and whether it is time for a new website to help you grow your business. 
Give us a call at it'seeze Web Design Bristol – we would love to have a chat with you about how we could move your website forward. 
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