One of the most common mistakes we see at it'seeze websites on poorly performing websites is badly written website content that is littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes. This can be fairly easily fixed and will improve your conversion rate. 

Spelling and grammar 

Website content is rarely run through the same rigorous checks as other marketing mediums and can often remain unchecked for several months before any mistakes are noticed, but the damage could already be done. 
Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can damage your company’s image by giving a negative impression, suggesting poor attention to detail and lack of care. This could lead to a decline of trust in the company’s ability to offer a quality service. 
In fact, a study by Gingo Lingo found that 59% of website visitors will avoid doing business with a company if their website content has spelling and grammatical mistakes. 
Taking the time to check your website is error-free will help to provide a professional and trustworthy image to your potential customers and secure sales. Charles Dunscombe reported in his 2001 BBC interview that a single spelling mistake can cut the value of sales per visitor in half. 

Search engine optimisation 

Spelling and grammatical mistakes on your website copy could also affect your search engine optimisation (SEO). Spelling keywords incorrectly means they will not be recognised, ultimately driving business down as well as risking a high bounce rate. One of Google’s metrics that affect your ranking is based on your visitor bounce rate. Bounce rate is calculated by the length of time a visitor stays on your website and simple mistakes can put people off which will push you down the rankings giving your competitors the edge. 
These easily corrected mistakes are bad for business, but they don’t have to be! Avoid the main pitfalls of spelling and grammar by: 
Proofreading – enlist the help of a member of your team or grammatically savvy friend as two pairs of eyes are better than one. 
Reading it out loud – reading your work out loud makes you slow down and makes it much easier to pick out mistakes. 
Learning from previous mistakes – if you have had spelling mistakes or grammatical errors on your website before, learn from those and put in a better effort to perfecting your copy. 
Using an online checking tool – there are lots of effective online checking tools such as ‘Hemingway’ or ‘Grammarly’ that will help you to avoid clangers! 
Hiring professional help – if grammar and spelling aren’t your strong point, running your copy past a professional will pay for itself by converting visitors into clients. 

Website audit 

Carrying out a website audit is well worth it, especially if it will avoid you losing out on more than half of your potential customers. With so much competition out there, it’s in your best interests to present your business as professionally as possible. 
If you don’t have an it'seeze website with built-in spellchecker, we are more than happy to run a report for you to identify spelling mistakes and typos. Please just fill in the form below and we will send you a full report on your current website including the identification of any spelling and grammar mistakes. 
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