The internet is an incredibly effective way for businesses to market themselves. With websites originally being optional, they are now widely considered an absolute must for any organisation, regardless of its size or how long it has been operating. 
Of course, it’s one thing having a good website but how do you keep prospective customers on it? As stated above, every organisation now has a website and so consumers have unlimited access to content from all over the world, so if your site isn’t engaging, people will happily go somewhere else. 
Some of the most effective means to sustain a visitor’s interest are by: 
Holding forums 
Offering rewards 
Interacting with customers 
Providing reviews 
Having a social log in 
If you are hoping your website will lead to conversion or engagement with your brand then keeping customers interested is crucial. This article will discuss exactly how you can keep customers on your site engaged. 

Blog and Establish Yourself as a Voice of Authority 

Sharing your knowledge by blogging is a very effective way to not just draw people to your website but also keep them on there. There are a lot of companies who hesitate to share their knowledge online as they would prefer to keep it to themselves; however, the fact remains that sharing your knowledge is a great way to attract customers. Think of it like this: do you own a cooking book? Okay. And do you still go to restaurants? Exactly. People will look to you to gain some insight but that doesn’t render your services useless, if anything, it secures you as a voice of authority that people can trust moving forward. 
This method is proven to work as there are a lot of online communities that have been able to excel due to the fact they are sharing their knowledge with people who are visiting their website. These visitors don’t read what they have to and leave, instead, they come back, share content on social media and even send it to others. Essentially, you end up building a community of followers who are keen to see what else your business does. 
If you demonstrate your knowledge using a variety of e-books and guides, you increase your authority amongst visitors and also potentially open up another revenue stream. You can also put out product reviews, allowing people to access them for advice before buying any of your products. 

Create Engaging Website Copy 

A lot of copy that you see on a website can be dull and boring, which is a sure-fire way to turn people away from your business. If the copy on your site is engaging and uses a tone that captures and retains prospective customers' interest, then you will have no problem with keeping them engaged. Your tone should match what it is you are trying to do with your brand, so, if you want to come off as fun and approachable, mimic that in your style, whereas if you want to be a lot more serious than that, then ensure your style reflects as much. 
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Regardless of Content, Keep It Readable 

Don’t make what you put on your site too convoluted, ensure it is in an easy-to-read and scannable format, so that customers can look at it and take information away from it quickly. Be sure to include white space on your site in order to keep visitors comfortable with reading. A lot of the time, you will see a website that has some great content but that displays it in a small font, making it tough to read as a result. If it’s not easy for visitors to read what you’ve put, then they’re not going to stick around. 

Use Pictures and Videos 

Where written content can be engaging and also help you rank highly on Google, customers also enjoy it when your content is visual. If you are including photos and videos on your website, they will not only have this visual content available; however, you are also able to convey a great deal of detail in those visuals. 

Display Reviews 

Don’t just let customers take your word for it, if you upload the testimonies of your previous customers, it gives prospective clients great insight into the quality of your products or services and they are also incredibly effective at keeping people online. Clients can be persuaded to move forward with a purchase or with contacting you if they see a majority of good reviews. 

Communicate Via Email 

An email campaign can be a great way to get people who have previously visited your site back for some more. It is effective not just to get people to your site but also to remain in contact with clients and make them feel both special and valued. 
Consider the following before you start contacting: 
How frequently should you be sending clients emails? 
What is the type of content you should share? 
What type of language could you use in your emails? 


In summary, getting people to your website is a lot of work; however, keeping them on your site and getting them to return is a new thing altogether. The best ways to keep clients on your site are detailed above, and of course one of the most important factors is the overall design of your website. 
Customers should feel comfortable and at ease the minute they enter your website, hence why so many organisations opt for the help of professional web designers such as it’seeze Web Design Bristol to achieve this. We can build you an easy-to-use and responsive website that contains all of the above referenced elements that will keep people engaged with everything you have to say. If you would like to speak to us more about the work we can do for you then do not hesitate to get in touch
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