We know how important proper maintenance is for the things we own. We make sure, for instance, that our cars are effectively maintained; otherwise, we may end up with an unexpected breakdown and would have to deal with repairs. The same is true for other material things which have value – we make sure to maintain them so that we can use them for a long time. 
If you have a business website, it’s the same thing. Your site needs maintenance as well so it is nurtured and can reach its full potential.  
Maintenance is even more critical for your website as you use it to promote yourself in an efficient and effective way. But the thing about websites is that if you don’t maintain them, they can quickly become obsolete, out of date, and irrelevant. Besides, if you never make changes or updates to your website, you will not encourage visitors to return.  
So, if you want your site to remain useful and relevant, here’s your best guide to how you can properly maintain it: 

Make those updates 

The first step to properly maintaining your website is not to put off those updates. This means updating your information whenever necessary, especially if you have some new info or changes in your business.  
But we’re not just talking about the information or details about your company – we’re also talking about the content, such as blog content, videos, webinars, and the like. If you don’t have a blog yet, why not add one? If your website lacks a news section, this is the perfect time to create it. You should set aside time each week so you can tell your clients and customers what’s going on with your business, what’s new, and more. 

Give it a makeover with a new design or images 

Once a user is on your website, it will take them only a few seconds to choose if they want to stay or not. If your site looks unloved or neglected, your visitors will notice it, and they can quickly leave. If you feel that your site could do with a makeover, whether it’s a major makeover such as an overall design change or a minor makeover with new images, do it.  
The more varied and interesting your site is, the more it will attract visitors, as we know from our experience as a leading web design company in Bristol. 

Rewrite it 

Take a long, hard look at your website content and see it for what it really is. Does it speak to your audience? If your website content is written in such a way that everything looks too formal and it sounds more like a white paper than website copy, it may be a good time to rewrite the content.  
Here’s one thing to remember: when you write your website content, make it so that you are speaking directly to your customers. Be direct and to the point and fill your content with your business’s character and personality. Rewrite your content so that it seems you are speaking directly to your customers and your message will become easier to understand and a lot more effective. 

Make it Google-friendly 

Another thing you need to do to maintain your website is to make sure that its content is optimised for search engines. Even if you have the best site ever, you still need people to find it. You can do this by optimising it for the search terms - or keywords - that your customers are likely to use on search engines such as Google.  
Focus on using Google-friendly terms in both your website metadata and copy to help boost your search engine rankings. If you need to get help from an SEO expert, do so. The increased visibility of your website is definitely a worthy investment. 

What next? 

Now you know more about how to maintain your website, it's time to make sure you have a website that is easy to edit and optimise on an ongoing basis.  
If you are looking for a website with all these features in Bristol, then we are here to help - contact the friendly team at it'seeze Web Design Bristol to find out more about our creative website design services and ongoing support
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