Did you know that this year, there are projected to be around 1.9 billion consumers buying products online? 
If you have an ecommerce site or are planning to build one, this is a significant fact indeed – an exciting fact which can make your ecommerce site the best decision you have ever made.  
But it’s one thing to have an ecommerce site, and it’s another to have it stand out from the crowd.  
So, the question is, how can your ecommerce site stand out from the crowd and get noticed?  
Let’s find out. 

Know the features that work 

No matter how many features your ecommerce site has, if they’re not the right ones, then the site won’t work.  
You have to be mindful of the features you choose for your site. And according to the experts, some notable top features in the year 2019 include ease of navigation, a simple and clear checkout process, and a seamless system for the management of content. 
When it comes to ease of navigation, your shoppers need to find the products they want as easily and quickly as possible. You don't want them to end up becoming frustrated and abandoning their search altogether.  
Ease of navigation consists of a menu that's easy to find, landing pages which are organised, and a search feature which is efficient.  
Your shoppers need a clear and straightforward process for checkout as well. This includes making it easy for your customers to view the products they have placed in their cart, and the process should be as short as possible.  
Try to limit the fields your customers have to fill in and present them with clear and easy-to-understand instructions regarding payment and taxes as well as delivery.  
The third notable feature which can make or break your ecommerce site is a seamless system for content management. Although CMS is often considered to be an 'extra' feature, you need it so you can edit and organise the information you present to your customers and manage customer orders, assess and figure out your inventory, and so on. 

Stick to your brand 

Templates do not work if you want to have an effective ecommerce website.  
You shouldn’t limit yourself with a generic website which looks exactly like your competitors (and thousands of other sites out there), particularly in regard to layout and colours.  
Your website colours are crucial. If you already have your own logo, make use of variations of it and stick to that particular colour theme or scheme. If you don’t have a logo, stick to a colour palette which suits your products and your target market.  
You should also choose a strong but simple font and make sure your photos and images are striking and of high quality.  
Once you have all these elements in place, you will create the best experience for anyone visiting your site. 

Make sure your customers can connect with you 

Whilst it’s essential to keep the process as simple as possible and present your customers with easy navigability, it is also important to make sure your customers can connect with you.  
Don't forget to include a 'Contact Us' button, form, or page, or create a 'live chat' feature for your visitors. This way, your customers can quickly get in touch if they have any concerns or questions. Having this feature will also allow you to give the impression of credibility, trust, and security. 
There are thousands upon thousands of ecommerce websites nowadays, so making yours stand out is your number one focus.  
With these key principles in mind, however, you can convert visitors into paying customers in no time.  
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