The key to a great website is not just to make sure that it is attractive, user-friendly, and informative... 
If you have an ecommerce site, you also have to be sure that your checkout process is fast and easy, and you have the right information for your products.  
But there’s more to a great website than these aspects – you also have the responsibility of updating your site and generating great content, so it can stay relevant to the eyes of your customers and prospective clients.  
However, creating great content can be quite a challenge - as we all know.  
So how can you help make your website relevant and important with brilliant content? What should you create, what should you focus on, and how can you do it?  
Here’s how you can regularly produce great content for your website without too much effort: 

Get a fresh perspective 

You may have your own team of content producers in your company, and they can generate exciting content for your website. But sometimes, the topics your team produces may already border on the repetitive – the same thing over and over again.  
If you want to ‘freshen up’ your website content, then it’s time to get a fresh perspective. You can, for instance, try to find a freelance writer outside your usual team, someone with experience and expertise, a new style, and so on.  
Additionally, if you have a tight budget, you can turn to someone in your own organisation – you can send out an email to the entire company to find out if there’s anyone willing to give content creation a try. Who knows, there just might be some hidden talent in your company you didn’t know about, and this can boost your content in different ways. 

Create an interesting mix 

Creating good content for your website also means creating an interesting mix. You don’t have to write about or come up with the same thing all the time, and you don’t have to focus on just your blog.  
You can mix and match different kinds of content, such as the aforementioned blog articles, but also excerpts, testimonials or customer reviews, interviews with experts in your niche, videos, webinars, infographics, whitepapers, and links to social media.  
You have a wide variety of content from which to choose, and this allows you to have regularly updated content.  
You can even spread out a single topic into various formats – for example, you can have an interview with an expert made into a webinar, a blog article, and a video. The possibilities are endless, so don’t just limit yourself to a single kind of content. 

Next steps 

At itseeze Web Design Bristol, we know that the key to having great content isn’t just about making sure you write blog articles on a regular basis. It’s all about mixing and matching and knowing what your customers and buyers are really looking for – you have to give them what they want from their perspective, not just yours.  
Always think about what your customers and buyers need and what they may want to see as well. This way, you are creating content which specifically appeals to them – and this already goes a long way towards website relevance and effectiveness. 
If you want more ideas on how to improve your website, or to find out more about our affordable Bristol web design services, contact our friendly team now
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