Are you planning to have an ecommerce website created for your business? Here are the best colours to choose... 
There are many factors which make up a great website, and these include the design, the content, the user-friendliness and navigability, the accessibility, and more.  
But while all these factors play a central role, there's another factor which can definitely affect your website's success as well, especially if you're planning a site for ecommerce purposes. We're talking, of course, about colour. 
The colour palette of your ecommerce website will have a significant impact on how many of your products you can sell.  
Previous research has revealed, for instance, that the colours you use for your website can account for as much as 85% of your visitors' decision to purchase.  
What's more, a whopping 66% of consumers say that they won't buy an appliance unless it is in a colour that they prefer, and about 26% of full-colour magazine ads get noticed more than black and white ads. It's evident that colour plays a vital role in sales.  
So are you planning to have an ecommerce website? Here are the best colours to choose: 

 What you should remember: 

Remember this: most people’s decision to purchase is emotional, and colours can evoke a wide range of emotions. 

 A look at various colours for ecommerce websites and their effects: 

Red is a colour that induces a visceral, passionate response. It enhances heart rate, and it even stimulates the pituitary gland. If you want to appear aggressive, provocative, energetic, and passionate, choose red for your website. Red is mostly ideal for food establishments, technology companies, and automotive companies, but not so suitable for electrical businesses, airlines, and banks. 
Black is undoubtedly sophisticated and luxurious, and it is often used by organisations to promote products that are expensive. It adds prestige and value to your products and has a timeless appeal. It works best for retail businesses and technology enterprises as well as automotive businesses, but doesn't work as well for medical companies, restaurants, or airlines. 
Blue unleashes a feeling of peace and tranquillity and even security, and it promotes loyalty and trust as well. This is one reason why companies like PayPal, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs have blue-themed websites and logos. 

Other top considerations: 

There are a myriad of colours from which you can choose, of course, but a perfect combination of colours works best, as anybody from our Bristol web design company will tell you. 
For example, ecologically-conscious brands and health businesses use a combination of greens, yellows, and blues. Green promotes freshness and environmental awareness, and it also symbolises fertility and healing.  
Yellow, on the other hand, exhibits brightness and cheerfulness, and it’s an energetic colour that is full of joy as well. 
If you are selling beauty products, you can go with soft colours which have a feminine feel such as pink, light green, and baby blue, which are attractive to most women, but if you are selling automobiles and automotive services, colours such as silver, gold, and black are also quite successful, especially if you want to promote luxury.  
Keep all this in mind, and you'll have a successful ecommerce website in no time. 

 The next step for your ecommerce website... 

Now you know how to take advantage of colour to maximise the impact of your online store, it might be time to consider upgrading your ecommerce website to a more effective and professional design.  
If you are looking for affordable ecommerce web design in Bristol, we can help - our Commerce package is the ideal solution for local businesses looking to sell online with ease. Contact the team at it'seeze Web Design Bristol today to find out more. 
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