Even if you consider your business a brick-and-mortar enterprise, it’s still necessary in today’s world to have an online presence, preferably a robust and strong one such as a business website. 
More and more consumers, after all, are searching for local businesses through the internet, and if you don’t want to get left behind, having a business website is vital. But it’s one thing to know that you need a business website, it’s another thing to create a good one. 
Whatever you decide to do with your website, make sure it has these vital elements so that you can make sure it’s effective and stands out: 

Make it mobile-friendly and responsive 

Most customers and consumers nowadays do a lot online. This involves research and even shopping through their mobile phones.  
So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive – meaning it can easily adapt to mobile users. A whopping number of shoppers increasingly make purchases through their smartphones, and an even bigger number compare prices and look for reviews online through their phones.  
Even if you don’t plan to have an ecommerce website, it’s best to have a mobile-friendly and responsive website. 

Make your domain name count 

The next thing you should do is choose your domain name wisely. 
Your domain name should be either the name of your actual business (if it’s not too long that is) or a name that accurately describes the kind of business you have, and which is easy to understand.  
You can even choose to have several domain names which all point to your website. 

Make it easy to contact you 

Whether or not your business relies on customers being able to get in touch with you or call your representatives, you need to make it easy for potential customers to contact you.  
With this in mind, place your contact information where potential customers and visitors to your website can easily find it. It should be highly visible, say, in the top portion of your home page; this eliminates the need for visitors to look for your number if they want to contact you. 

Make it easily navigable 

When it comes to navigation, visitors and prospective customers can be especially picky as well, and as a premier web design company in Bristol that has worked with numerous business owners, this is something we always look out for.  
You should make it a point to limit your navigation menu so that it can showcase just five clear tabs with their related or associated pages simply organised underneath. You should also make sure that visitors can easily navigate back to your site’s home page regardless of where they are on your website. 

Make it clutter-free 

Visitors to your website should be able to see the information they want clearly in context. This means limiting your information to the most important.  
Too much information on your site can be overwhelming to visitors and may even make it difficult for them to retain the information they have already seen.  
There should be a good balance between graphics and text on your web pages, and one way to do this would be to eliminate widgets like a Twitter feed, which can distract your visitors and not give them the information they need. 
If you're ready to make your business stand out on the web, and are looking for a reliable Bristol web design company to work with, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our affordable website design services and ongoing local support. 
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