Having Trouble with the Images to Use for Your Website? Here’s What You Should Consider... 
Many people are attracted to different things when they see a website for the first time – it could be the sale offers, the text or content, or the overall message it conveys. But there’s a factor which, in general, is considered to be highly influential in attracting website visitors: the images. Website imagery is critical for grabbing the attention of users, and if you have visitors who go to your website for the first time, the images you use are of vital significance. With all this in mind, however, you may have even more difficulty selecting the images to use for your website. Are you having trouble with this aspect? Here’s what you should consider. 
Quality above all 
We can’t stress this enough: no matter what images you end up using in the end, make sure they are of the highest quality. Grainy, unclear, and dull images can really give the wrong impression to your visitors, so invest in high-quality images with great resolutions. As professional web designers from Bristol, we would always tell you to select the best images you can find. We are able to offer our clients professional images from Thinkstock to go on their website as well as suggesting other sources which offer free images. 
The relationship to your brand 
The images you choose should be relevant to your brand – if they are not relevant to your brand, your visitors may become confused as to the message you are trying to say. Your images should essentially ‘do the talking’ for what you are offering or your wares. If you are a furniture company, for example, then your images should showcase the premium quality of your products. If you are a restaurant business, then your images must be appropriate to your brand – delectable-looking dishes and well-plated meals are always a crowd-pleaser. 
Images that encourage action 
Your images shouldn’t just give your visitors an idea of what you are offering – they should also encourage action. A case in point would be delicious burgers if you are a restaurant specialising in burgers – if you have a special deal or offer, showcase it in conjunction with your food images. This will encourage your visitors to take action – who can resist mouthwatering burgers which come with a great deal? 
Images of people 
No matter what kind of business you have, you should also prioritise images of people. People smiling, laughing, talking, working, and so on have the potential to attract and retain more visitors to your site. The power of these kinds of images is immense but use unique images and not stock photos. You want your images to look real and authentic, and if they see your images on other websites or platforms, this can quickly lead them to assume that you’re not authentic and genuine, either. 
Image attributed to Pixabay.com 
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