You probably have the idea that your website will need to be mobile-friendly if you want it to get ahead in the future. 
If you would like to have a competitive and relevant website in today’s world, mobile friendliness is vital. 
But if you aren’t quite sure what it means to have a mobile-friendly website – and what it can really do for your business – here’s the importance of mobile-friendly sites – especially yours. 

The relevance of being mobile-friendly 

In the last three years alone, a significant number of users have accessed the web through their mobiles, and this number is growing as we speak. Desktop website traffic has been on the decrease for over a decade, and mobile traffic is growing by leaps and bounds.  
And if you have a website which doesn’t look good or perform well when someone looks at it or visits it on their mobile device, this could mean fewer site visits or no site visits altogether. 
But the thing is, how your target audience browses is still one key element to think about, as there are some sectors or industries where website traffic comes from desktop PCs.  
What you have to do then is analyse the personas of your buyers and audience so you can have a better and more thorough perspective on how they browse the internet and access your site.  
That being said, however, mobile is the way to go for local industries which are service based. 
But apart from how your users access your site and what they prefer using to access your site, you also have to consider mobile friendliness in terms of SEO.  
Google ranks mobile usability as one of the most crucial or important factor affecting your ranking, and if there is one single reason to be more mobile-friendly, that is it. 

The real benefits of a site that is mobile-friendly 

Mobile-friendly means taking advantage of responsive website design where your website can readily 'respond' to any display or device, regardless if it's a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop PC, or a laptop. 
And needless to say, being mobile-friendly brings with it a lot of benefits. The following are a few: 
Give your users a more streamlined, enhanced experience regardless of the device they are using to access your site 
Have a more positive, enhanced ranking on search engines 
Improve and enhance your mobile conversion rates 
Provide users with a more interesting and satisfying experience 
Have faster download speeds 
More cost-effective and more flexible than developing an app 
If you have a well-planned and executed web design that is responsive and mobile-friendly, navigation, as well as images, can adapt well to the user’s mobile experience.  
Text is even more relevant and essential when it comes to mobile because space is simply more limited.  
If you are trying to write content for your mobile-friendly site, it’s best to be purposeful and concise and to have content which is easily readable with callouts and headers to help users quickly browse your site for information. 
And even if your users are ordering or making enquiries through their desktop, at some point of their journey, they will inevitably access your website using their mobile device. 
So, if you are looking for a mobile-friendly website, you’ve come to the right place - here at it'seeze Web Design Bristol, we specialise in responsive web design that Bristol businesses can use to their advantage. 
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