Having a great website is already a given if you want your business to last – but if you have an ecommerce website, the pressure is even greater. 
Your site has to appeal to the buying customer – the discriminating online shopper who knows what he or she wants and would like to get it in the quickest, most convenient, and most hassle-free way.  
If you have a great product, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You need to have a great ecommerce website, one that's truly effective and encourages your visitors to make a purchase.  
If you are struggling with your ecommerce website and would like to make it more successful, here are the top 3 facts every effective ecommerce website owner should know: 

1. Learn to maximise social media 

If you haven't yet paid proper attention to your social media accounts, now is the time to do so. It's not enough to have social media – you need to maximise it so that you can take advantage of its full potential.  
Focus on creating a good social media advertising strategy, even if it's as simple as creating more posts on Facebook or sharing some interesting images on Snapchat. You can also make use of Google Analytics to know the channels your customers are visiting and using the most so that you can direct your efforts to these channels and platforms.  
The great aspect of social media channels is that they encourage creativity, and this can help you more effectively streamline your energies into what your target customers want. 

2. Create more traffic with a blog 

Whilst most ecommerce websites have a blog, not enough ecommerce website owners focus on creating a useful and informative one. Some don't even update their blog on a regular basis and just leave it to become ineffective and obsolete.  
It's time for you to create more traffic with your blog and create blog posts which have the right SEO keywords and phrases. With a great blog post, you can improve the ranking for your site, and this will create more traffic. With an excellent blog, you can also connect to your audience on a more meaningful, deeper level.  
The way your customers respond to the blog content you create can tell you more about what they need and what they want. You can even establish more trust with your customers by creating value around your blog posts, especially when it comes to advice and tips and enhanced knowledge about your industry. 

3. Build trust with customer reviews 

Another fact we have recognised during our time as a website designer in Bristol is that you shouldn’t forget that you can build better trust with your buyers if you have a good number of reviews.  
If you want to enhance trustworthiness as an ecommerce website, you should put more emphasis on crucial product and customer reviews. Make it a point to have ratings for your product pages, for instance, as potential buyers will view these and they will have an impact on their buying decision.  
Encourage your customers to create reviews and indicate the number of customer reviews at the top portion of every product page so that your prospective buyers can easily see it. You can also more easily convince buyers to leave a review by offering a discount (however small) once they make a purchase. 

What now? 

Now you know more about how to make your ecommerce store effective, it could well be time to consider upgrading your website to a more effective and professional design.  
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