We are proud to announce that the new Collistear Hair and Beauty website has recently gone live. 
Caroline Collis established The Collistear Beauty in Sea Mills, Bristol 5 years ago. Last year she opened the sister salon, Collistear Hair, opposite the beauty salon.  

Choosing a Website Provider 

Caroline created her first website herself, and whilst she had spent lots of time putting some good content onto it, she was never overly happy with it as she felt it do not reflect the salons in the professional light that she wanted. It was also not responsive (i.e. the website was not easy to view on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet), meaning that it was not particularly user friendly. 
Hence at the start of the year she started looking for other website designers in and around the Bristol area and discussed with each of them what they could do for her. She chose it’seeze websites as they had an excellent portfolio of existing websites, were happy to meet face to face, and also provided a supportive service. 
Original Collistear Hair and Beauty Website 

Creating the Website 

During the initial meeting, we helped Caroline decide what content was appropriate for the new website and also discussed the sort of design she was hoping to achieve for her website with her.  
As well as running Collistear, Caroline is also a working mum. She found that working with it'seeze was not hard work as we were understanding of her commitments, and we were able to find times to work with Caroline that suited her and fitted around her young family. 

The Resulting Website 

When the website came back, it wasn’t exactly as Caroline had wanted (I’m sure she would forgive us for calling her a perfectionist!) but we continued to work with her until we had exactly the look and feel for the website that she wanted. 
One of the major decisions we had to make was which images to use on the website. Caroline had some professional ones done, but was not totally happy with these, we also tried icons rather than photography at one point, but in the end we opted for professional stock photos. These now complement the website beautifully. 
We also made sure the website looked good on a range of mobile devices as many people wanting a hair and beauty appointment will want to look at the services available whilst on the go. 

Editing the website  

As with all it'seeze customers, Caroline has access to our incredibly powerful CMS (content management system). We provided full training on this, and with our support she has already used this to increase the number of pages from the original 10 to 22. This gives Caroline a really good chance to showcase all the different hair, beauty and electrolysis options she offers her customers, and all at no extra charge. 
Client Feedback 
"I had a website that I created myself but it didn't look very professional. I contacted a few companies but I didn't get the right vibe and found the whole experience to be very impersonal. 
I approached it'seeze because I really liked the fact that I could meet with someone face to face rather than having to do everything over email. 
Being dyslexic I find it much easier to explain my vision with images and I found that at every stage I was looked after and at no point was I made to feel a nuisance with my constant questions. 
I was shown a range of possibilities with the design aspect and I believe that my website truly reflects my personality which I don't believe would have been achieved without the personal touch. 
It’seeze have taken so much time and care to help me understand how I can manage my website myself and I feel confident if I have any questions that they will be promptly answered. 
Suzy has been truly fantastic and I cannot thank her enough for the overall experience.” 
Caroline Collis, Owner, Collistear Hair and Collistear Beauty, Sea Mills, Bristol 
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