We have all heard the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” but in reality how many of us actually heed that advice, especially when it comes to websites? 
Many years ago, when coding abilities were limited everybody had a rather dodgy looking site, and the height of sophistication in gaming was two lines playing tennis with a dot.  
However, at the time nobody cared – you had a website and really that was all that mattered, the fact that the internet was there at all was impressive enough for us on its own. 
But things have changed – consumers are now far more sophisticated and expect websites to look professional, they make split second decisions about your company – and whether they are going to spend money with your or your competitor – based on what your website looks like. 
According to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology it takes 0.2 of a second for a visitor to your website to form their first impression and just another 2.6 seconds for their eyes to concentrate in a way that reinforces the first impression. 
So we do judge a book by its cover – or rather a company by its website’s appearance. 
Which Business Would You Choose? 
Once upon a time you might have stood outside a couple of shops that offered the same item when trying to make a decision as to what to buy.  
If one looked clean, modern and well run and the other shabbier and more dated, which would you choose? It may well be that the latter offered a better service, but you would never find out. 
These days you might well visit a couple of websites in order to make the same decision… 
So website number one has some rather pixelated images, a huge block of text that clashed with the background and a menu system that made no sense. 
Website number two looked clean and concise, made it clear what services were being sold and was easy to navigate. 
Which do you choose? The latter shop may not only have lost one sale, but possibly many more recommendations too. 
These days even the smallest of businesses have the opportunity to look professional online. A professionally designed responsive website can allow sole traders to compete with their larger counterparts. 
What Should My Website Contain? 
The design should be produced by a professional – it is obvious when companies have cut corners and designed their own. 
It should be a well-structured website that customers find easy to navigate. 
A clear call to action should be on every page 
It MUST be responsive – i.e. viewable on mobile devices such as a tablet or a smartphone 
Looking for a New Website? 
If your company might be misjudged by the quality of your website then get in touch today. We can discuss ideas for design, content and the general improvement of your site.  
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