Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to work on your business rather than just in your business.  
There can be so many pressures to get the day to day work done that some of the less urgent tasks can slip – and this can include updating your website.  
So why is it so vital to ensure that your website is updated regularly? 

1. Your business changes, so your website should change to reflect it 

When did you last update your website? Since you last updated it, have there been any changes to your business? If so, these should be reflected on your site.  
It is vital to make changes to any contact details - such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and locations - immediately. 
However, you should also ensure that the services or products that you offer are up to date. If you cannot be there to sell these to your potential customers – then your website should! 

2. SEO and Google rankings 

Search engines regularly scan websites in order to index the pages, and once indexed they will show up in user searches.  
The search engines will notice when your site is updated regularly and consequently recognise that it is a good resource to show in search results. 

3. Give potential clients a reason to come back 

If potential clients see your website as a good resource for the latest information, then they are likely to bookmark it and come back regularly – meaning that your company will be front of mind when it comes to purchasing.  
This could include information like the latest tax advice from an accountant or information on regulations from a builder’s website.  
Basically, any advice a potential client might ask you for – put it on your website. 

4. Give yourself a competitive edge 

If you visited a couple of websites and they both offered the same product at the same price, would you be more likely to buy from the one that had an updated blog or support section and showed recent signs of activity, or the one which looked like it had not been touched in a while?  
Updating your website builds trust that your company is active and supportive. 

5. Content to share online 

Do you do any marketing on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.?  
If so, then creating new content for your website will give you something to share and help push visitors towards your website. 

6. Latest projects 

If you are proud about it, then shout it out to the world!  
There is nothing better to help people buy from you than showing them what you are capable of. So, rather than keeping examples of what you did ten years ago on your website, why not have a latest projects page? 
Want an example? Take a look at it'seeze Web Design Bristol's local portfolio page, which we update regularly. 

Update your website now… 

So, don’t let your website become stagnant or obsolete – make sure you update it regularly in order to make it really work for you.  
If you are having any problems editing your website, then don't hesitate to contact our friendly team at it'seeze Web Design Bristol. We create professionally designed, affordable, and easy to edit websites that you can update quickly and simply, without any hassle. 
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