Many people find it quite easy to write about their products or services, however when it comes to writing about themselves on the “About Us” page, it just makes them feel awkward, so here are a few pointers and tips for what you can do… 
This is your chance to communicate your passion for your business – when did you start? Why did you start? Why do you love it? You can create a page that lets your enthusiasm about your business shine through and will help connect with potential loyal customers. 

Make Your Website Copy Fun 

Website visitors will not trawl through paragraphs of dry and formal content – you are trying to establish credibility, but try and make it both personal and fun. A good way is to try and tell a story – what got you going in the first place, what are some of the most memorable parts of your journey, and what made you into the business you are today? What is it you love about your business? It is worth thinking about what you would say to somebody if you were face to face, maybe try telling a friend or colleague about your business first and use those ideas. 

What to Include on Your "About Us" Website Page 

The sort of information you may want to feature includes: 
• The size of your company 
• Is it a public company, private or family-owned business? 
• How long have you been in business? 
• Who’s at the helm? 
• Where are you based? 
• What makes your company special? 
• Your values 

 Tell Your Customers About You 

People buy from people – so don’t just make it about your business, tell the world about yourself. Who are you, what makes you individual? A bit about the team who run the business always makes interesting reading too – and whilst you are trying to keep it light, it is worth including your credentials here too. 

 Images for Your Website 

Stock photos can make a website look great – but not on your About Us page! Make this page real, show us photos of you, your premises, your team and your products, and even customers whose lives you have enriched through your business. 

 Getting to Know You Better... 

A good “About Us” page can also link to your social media so your clients can read more about you. Make sure you do link to your business profiles though, as photos of you on the beach in Majorca might not give totally the right impression (unless maybe you are selling holidays in Majorca). 

  Update Your Website Regularly 

You and your business change over time – so keep the About Us page on your website current. As your business grows and changes tell your potential clients about it. 

  So Get Writing Your Content... 

So now you know what to do, get writing – give your visitors an insight into you and your company, once they get to know you they are more likely to trust you and want to do business with you. 
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