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As a business, it is important that your website is loaded with high quality content. There are many reasons for this; not least because quality content improves user experience and search engine ranking. 
When people visit your website, they are much more likely to engage and stay on your site longer if your content is of high quality and is useful to them. 
Your content should do one or more of the following for the people visiting your site: 
Answer a question 
Provide a solution to a problem 
Inform and educate visitors about your products/services/industry 
By creating content based on these three outcomes, you provide value to the consumer and your site becomes an authority within your industry – encouraging users to stay longer and return often. 

What is content? 

So, we have spoken briefly about the ways in which creating how high-quality content benefits your business – but what is content exactly? 
Well, content is everything that people see when they visit your website: from images, infographics and videos, to case studies, press releases, product reviews and client testimonials. 
Everything on your site has the potential to engage and convert visitors into customers. Ensuring that all pages on your website offer high quality, helpful content maximises sales opportunities and increases web traffic and number of enquiries. 

What is high quality website content? 

The difference between content and high-quality content is how well it attracts attention and for how long. Quality content will be useful to the target audience of your product or services. It will engage and encourage them to take action. 
To maximise potential leads, your site should have a mix of content types. Users will have differing preferences in terms of how they consume information. Some will prefer to watch videos whilst others will engage more with infographics. Some users can easily digest in-depth technical information whilst some maintain information better through short summaries and bullet-pointed articles. 
By varying the content on your site, you appeal to a much wider range of users within your target audience and increase the number of visits to your site. 
High-quality content is original and actionable. It answers questions and provides solutions. It's properly sourced from trustworthy industry authorities and is unique, concise, grammatically correct and properly formatted. 
By creating content that meets these criteria you will increase the number of likes and shares received, and will rank better in search engine results

Structure of content 

It is important that you ensure content is structured, informative and relevant to your customer – as well as optimised for search engines. 
When structuring your content, think about your ideal customer and how they would want to find, view and learn about your products and services. Once you have established this, create your pages and blog posts based on the content formats and topics that best suit your target audience. 

Internal links 

Within your content there is a great opportunity to provide internal links, which will increase traffic to other pages on your site and generate further engagement. 
Essentially, an internal link is a hyperlinked piece of text within your content that, when clicked, sends users to another page within your site. Internal linking is a great way to encourage users to browse your website in order to find relevant information. 
Internal links are also good for SEO, as search engines crawl and index your site using links to and from the pages within. This helps the search engines navigate and better understand your site and how it is relevant to certain search terms. A fully indexed site is more likely to show on the first page of Google. 


To maximise the impact and relevance of your site, you need to have a keyword strategy; and this strategy should figure into the content you create. 
Keywords are the specific terms that you wish your site to be found for online. Words that best describe the products and/or services you provide – unique to each page of your website. 
Content is a good place to feature these keywords in a natural, relevant fashion – enabling search engines to make the connection between your website and the keywords you want to rank for. 

Calls to action 

As with keywords, you can use your content to provide a clear call-to-action in a natural and inclusive manner. 
A call to action is an invitation for your visitors to complete a specific action. A clear and concise message that encourages people to make a decision. 
This could be a call to leave a review, download a PDF, request a quote or pre-order your latest product. The choice is yours and is dependent on the desired action you wish the user to take. Using these throughout your site will help boost conversions and drive sales. 

Do you need help with your content strategy? 

We often say here that content is king. High quality content can improve your search engine rankings, increase visitor rates and attract the right types of visitors to your website. 
Quality content improves user experience and turns casual visitors into recurring customers or loyal fans. 
If you are looking to create an effective content strategy and are in need of assistance then we can help you. 

What can we do for you? 

One of the most common concerns that our clients have is sourcing the content for their new website. Whether that be images, words, videos or any of the other forms of content we have mentioned here. 
Our Bristol based team is always happy and able to support in moving content from an existing site to a new one: establishing what is still relevant and what needs updating; providing advice on structure and guidance to enable you to write your own relevant content (including page titles). 
Alternatively we can arrange for a copywriter to create the content for you. We can source high-quality stock images (included in the package price) or use images you already have on your computer or mobile device. We can even arrange a professional photographer to assist you in creating quality visual content. 
Whatever your content requirements, be sure to get in touch with our team who will be able to advise you on how to get high quality content that will drive engagement and boost sales. 
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