Having a robust online presence is a must these days, as most business owners know. Your website is not just your internet address – it’s your mark in this ever-changing world. 
It can cement your reputation in your industry or niche, it can help you present a great image to your customers and clients, and it can enhance the growth of your business by letting you reach out to a broader audience or customer base.  
But if you have an informative and beautiful site, you’re set, right? Not quite. You should still make sure that your site is regularly updated and will not remain stagnant for long. A website which is untouched can quickly become obsolete.  
Here are the essential reasons why you should regularly update your website: 

It’s good for SEO  

You should be aware of this vital fact: search engines do the job of scanning sites regularly so they can index images and pages. Once these images and pages are indexed by search engines, they can quickly show up in user searches.  
In addition to this, search engines notice when your site is regularly updated – in other words, when your site is active and you make it a point to post, make changes, and so on.  
If you are consistent with your content generation on your site, a good search engine can recognise this – and recognise your site – as a brilliant resource worthy of display in user searches. 

It enhances the value of your site 

Of course, while one of your crucial goals is to appear in the top position in search results, another goal you should aim for is to engage as many customers as possible.  
If you want your website to make more of an impact on the ‘human’ side as opposed to the technical (SEO and search engine) side, then you should make it a point to address the humans – namely, your audience.  
When you write for your audience, your website content should be geared towards engaging them and piquing their attention and interest. Writing for your target audience also means that your content should be informative and easy to digest.  
When you regularly update your website with good content, you can enhance the value of your website in the eyes of your existing customers and potential customers. 

It helps establish your brand 

Your website isn’t just there to provide customers with information – it is the ideal arena through which you can infuse your company and brand with the right ‘personality’.  
Think about it: the content on your site is available to anyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even if potential clients cannot speak to an agent or representative of your company, they can still form a good impression of your brand through your website.  
Your website serves as your voice to the world, so it’s your job to infuse it with your brand’s personality, whether your brand is witty and creative, informative and smart, thoughtful and innovative, or otherwise. 
Here’s another pointer to consider: most business to business customers actually prefer to acquire information about a company through articles and not ads. This means that you should really focus more on your content in order to provide the right solutions, rather than ads which don’t reveal much information about who you really are. 

Need help updating your website? 

To ensure your website looks to the future, contact the friendly team here at itseeze Web Design Bristol and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. 
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