It is well recognised that a website needs to be kept up to date with new content – this will help your ranking on Google and other search engines, as well as make sure that visitors to your site are kept engaged, as they find something new and relevant to read. 
However, sometimes inspiration can be hard to come by! 
First of all do the obvious… 
Update Information 
Change anything that is outdated – make sure that your website reflects the company you are now and not months, or even years ago! Are your staff, services and prices all correct? 
However, if this has all been done, then maybe consider the ideas below (just remember to avoid breaching copyright laws or penalised by search engines, your content needs to be original). 
Current issues 
You probably stay abreast of your industry news – I regularly look at what is happening with web design in Bristol - so share the latest information with your clients. This could be international, national, or even local news, as well as reports or relevant information that has been published on your products or services? For example, after a cold snap an insulation company could discuss how their products could help save energy. 
Google and other search engines love video! It is also a great way of communicating what you do to your potential clients. With the advances of video recording capabilities on mobile phones, it’s never been easier to create a great video yourself – there are also some great companies out there who will help with video testimonials to encourage people to buy from you. 
Ask both current and potential clients what they want to know about. What information might be helpful – things you know and take for granted might be of huge interest to them. In order to canvas opinion, you could make use of social media to ask what types of blogs, articles and tips would make useful reading. 
Spy on the competition! 
Have a look and see your competitors are doing. You may well get some great ideas for content from their websites and social media feeds, now just go away and make it even better. 
If it’s not broken… 
Use your website analytics to see what is already working. You can identify the pages that are engaging visitors by looking at the number of hits and the amount of time spent on 
them, as well as if any of the content is shared on social media. Then create similarly helpful material – don’t get too repetitive though or people will get bored. 
But if it is broken... 
Conversely, if content you have already written does not appear to be working, then have a look at it and see what you could be doing differently. Try rewriting the copy, adding more images or a video and see if this helps increase user engagement. 
Blog articles on articles other people have written that you find interesting 
It would be highly inappropriate to copy another individual’s work, however use the material that somebody else has done for the purpose of review or evaluation – just ensure you give full credit to whoever’s work you a using within the blog. 
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