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There’s no doubt that the Internet has become a crowded place for businesses. The latest statistics reveal that there are around 1.5 billion websites on the Internet worldwide. Although only around 400 million are active, i.e., updated regularly with new content and other activity, 20 million are ecommerce sites. 
Websites have now become the new digital storefront for most businesses, even if they have a physical base. This is because 97% of Internet users will search online for a business first before heading out the door. In addition, 55% of people will read online reviews and recommendations before making a buying decision. 
Making your business stand out from the online competition is a key priority of many business owners and marketers. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top tips for making your business stand out online. 

Website design 

A well-designed, well-laid-out website should attract and engage your visitors, encouraging them to spend time on the website. There are seven main elements of good website design: 
Purpose – your website has to have a purpose, meeting the wants and needs of your target customers. 
Aesthetics – it mustn’t feel too crowded, too busy or overpowering; keep it clear and simple. 
User experience – always keep the user’s experience in mind, ensuring the website's usability is straightforward, with excellent functionality, identifiable CTAs on every page and links that guide the user. 
Navigation – make sure it is simple for users to navigate your site. 
Load time – if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, you will probably have lost that potential customer. 
Mobile optimisation – the latest figures reveal that 60.9% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. You could be missing out if you haven’t optimised your website for mobiles. 
Visuals/typography – avoid using too many visuals on one page unless it is listing your product range. But even then, reduce the number of visuals as much as possible. Make sure you choose a font that is readable on all devices and, to add website sustainability, select a standard font rather than load a bespoke one. 
Layout – think about how you are laying out your website content. Make it easier by using grids and compartmentalising sections. 
Use of white space – help the various elements on your website to ‘jump off the page’ by using white space around them. 
Other website elements to consider include: accessibility, dark mode for mobile devices, geometric shapes and lines, Art Deco styles, and a mixture of bold and italics for differentiation of easy-to-read fonts. 

Make use of social media channels 

Your social media channels are a powerful marketing tool, and there is a raft of benefits to aligning your social media with your online marketing channels, including: 
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Create online content to share, educate and engage with your target audience. 
Promote your products/services through social media campaigns. 
Build long-term customer relationships and brand ambassadors. 
Boost brand awareness. 
Generate conversions. 
Increase sales. 
You don’t need to be visible on every social media platform, just those relevant to your business. 

Make customer service a priority 

Customer service is well and truly back on the agenda. Customers want to feel valued, appreciated and listened to. So focus on delivering excellent customer service by responding quickly to enquiries and feedback (negative or positive), and deal with complaints immediately. 
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Communication with your customers is essential, and the better you can provide your customers with advice, the more likely you will retain loyal customers. Happy customers become brand ambassadors and spread the word for you. 

Great content 

Great content is a must, but more important is that your content is compelling and engaging. The content must position you as an authority in your industry, solve a problem or is educational, and SEO optimised for search engines. 
There are many content formats you can use, including blogs, infographics, content-driven images and, of course, your website. 


Make sure your website is entirely SEO optimised to search engines to boost visibility and gain a higher ranking in search engine results. But there are two aspects to SEO that you must focus on, as follows: 
Local SEO – many people, when searching online, are looking for a business that is local to them. So, make sure you have a free online directory listing, like Google My Business, and use your location as part of the key phrases in your online content. 
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Traditional SEO – don’t lose sight of the fact that traditional SEO is still important. So, ensure your website's title tags, metadata, keyword research, ALT text and other SEO aspects are optimised for online searches. 

Online reviews and recommendations 

9 out of 10 buyers will read a business’s online reviews before making a purchase. In addition, 3 out of 4 customers will leave a positive review for a local business if they have had a good customer experience. 
Statistics like this highlight the importance of having online reviews and recommendations about your business. Search algorithms will also use your reviews to rank your business against search terms. While there are several dedicated online review platforms you can use, one of the easiest ways is to enable this feature on your Google Business Profile; and it’s free. 
Using the above seven online marketing tactics as part of your overall marketing strategy will undoubtedly enhance your online visibility and help your business stand out from the crowd. 
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