Decluttering is not just for homes and offices – it can be useful for websites too. If you’ve had a site for a while and it doesn’t seem to be performing as well as you want it to, then you may need to declutter it and make it more organised and straightforward. 
Whilst it’s tempting to load your website with all the bells and whistles, sometimes, it only serves to make your website look confusing or difficult to understand. The key to a good site is simplicity, after all. Also, the less cluttered your website is, the faster it will load, and users appreciate a quick-loading website.  
Are you worried that your website is too cluttered and disorganised? Here are some simple and easy ways you can declutter your website. 

Analyse everything 

If you want your website to be less cluttered and more organised, you first have to start by analysing everything it contains. This goes for all the links, pages, text boxes, images, and all other elements included in your website.  
Think of your website as your home, and all the unnecessary links, etc. as junk or rubbish. Clearing out your home is the same as clearing out your site – analyse the ‘junk’ as carefully as possible and ask yourself if it is relevant to your core purpose or goal. If an element doesn’t have a distinct or relevant purpose or you can’t easily define its purpose, it may be time to remove or change it. In other words, learn how to separate the ‘trash’ from the ‘treasure’. 

Ask the right questions 

Imagine this: you are a first-time visitor to your site. What would you want to see? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Once you land on your website, ask the right questions. One question you should ask is what the site is really about; what does it show you?  
Another question would be how your website helps you, the visitor. A third important question you should ask is what makes your site different from numerous other sites out there, as we can testify as web design experts in Bristol. 

Reduce the pages 

Another way you can quickly and effectively declutter your website is to reduce the number of pages it has. Think about it – do you really need 15 or 20 web pages? Perhaps your website would do well with just seven or eight web pages instead. Too many web pages will not only slow down your site, but it will also require more effort and attention from you.  
What’s more, users are often stressed out if a website has too many pages because they are presented with a menu with too many tabs. When they see all those tabs (read: choices), they may have a difficult time locating what they want to locate. Remember: simplicity is best. 

Do away with "busy" images 

Here’s one thing about images you should know: whilst they are important, you have to strike a balance between images which highlight your company and images which can be too distracting. You don’t want images which are too ‘busy’; they will just end up distracting your visitors and make your text more difficult to read.  
One tip: choose imagery which has fewer edges and lines and fewer sharp, contrasting colours. 

Aim for simplicity 

Modern websites are all about being straightforward and direct and saying more whilst showing less. This means that you need to carefully consider each and every element and aim for simplicity as well as minimalism.  
Once you have stripped your site down to the essentials, you can benefit from lower or reduced bounce rates, a longer time spent on your site, and higher website conversions as well. 

Now apply this to your website 

So now you know how to declutter your website, it's time to get started.  
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