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When it comes to marketing in the 21st Century, it is common knowledge that the internet is one of the most efficient tools to use in order to promote yourself, your business and the quality of the work that you do. 
In order to use the internet to its full potential, it is not enough to simply have a website, but the content on that website needs to properly discuss what you do and why you are the best at it. That is of course easier said than done though - if you are new to creating content, it can be incredibly difficult knowing exactly what content should be created for each page. 
At it’seeze Web Design Bristol, given we create detailed websites for a range of businesses, we know what it is like to come up with content. As such, we thought we would put together an article that discusses how you should go about creating it. 

Some Helpful Content Writing Tips for your Website 

We have a lot of helpful tips to offer businesses when it comes to properly conveying your ethos and quality. Here are some of our favourites: 

"Tell" Rather Than "Write" 

Are you struggling with how to properly describe what your business does? Then stop writing about it and tell someone. Say you’re in a café, a lift or at a networking event and someone asks "What do you do?", what would you say to them? Chances are you are proficient at describing what you do and selling yourself to potential clients so when you do that, what would you normally say? 
Business website
Consider this, practice it, record it and then fine tune what you have said about your business by writing it down. Just like that, you have something for your website which will be a direct representation of what you would normally say to customers when you are trying to sell yourself. 

"So What?" 

So What?
Don’t just write content and read what it says to ensure it makes sense. Take a step back, consider what you have written and ask yourself, “so what?”  
This isn’t as rude as it sounds, in essence, it means to just ask the difference what you have just written makes. 
If you randomly click on a number of websites right now, it is almost a guarantee that you will see people say they value and have great levels of customer service, but what do they actually mean by that? Everyone’s definition of what constitutes good customer service is different and so you need to convey exactly what your definition is. 
Information as to what sets your definition apart and clarification as to what you think it is, is crucial when it comes to standing out to your customer. Remember, the internet is an incredibly effective marketing strategy, so every business is using it. 
A better example of saying you have good customer service is: 
“At Joe Bloggs Construction in Bristol, Customer Service is important to us, this is why we clear away all our tools at the end of the day and vacuum, allowing you to continue to use your home with minimal disruption.” 
(Naturally, the above would only work for a building company but the point remains). 
writing website content

Other Things to Consider Before You Start  

Before you start writing your pages, you should identify the key information you want to convey. This can then be used as a referral point that can assist you when creating content for each page. 
Consider firstly what pages you are actually going to create on your website, such as: 
About Us 
Product/Service 1 
Product/Service 2 
Product/Service 3 
Contact information 
What you include will vary depending on what your business actually does. For instance, if you sell multiple products, you may want a page that displays all of them, as opposed to separate pages for each item. 
Target Audience 
Who exactly are you trying to target with this content? Think about who your audience is and put yourself in their position, then consider what you would need to see in order to engage with your business’s services. 
This pertains back to the “so what?” point. Consider the information you are trying to convey and think about how you can expand on it so that it catches the attention of the average consumer. 
Call To Action 
What is the main reason you would like visitors to come to your website? Are you hoping people will contact you? Buy from you? Whatever it is, ensure you leave a button on your pages that takes them to the necessary link. 
Consider the tone you are hoping to convey and when reviewing your work, consider if you have properly demonstrated it. For example, if you work in insurance or security and would like to give off the impression you are a formal company, then ensure you sound formal. If you would like to give off a much more laid back and fun feel, then read your work and assess whether or not you’ve done that. 
Including the right keywords is incredibly important for SEO purposes. Ensure the content you create includes sufficient keywords so that when consumers search them, your business turns up in the results. 
When it comes to using the internet in order to sell your products and services, convey why you are unique and persuade people to use you. Naturally, at it’seeze Web Design Bristol, we are used to creating content for websites. If you would be interested in using one of our affordable website packages, then do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to work with you to ensure your website is as clear, easy to use and fast as possible. 
Also, if you would like another reference point for creating content for your site, then you may want to consult the below templates as these could be very helpful. 
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